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Guild Wars 2 Team Shares Feedback and Upcoming Changes to New Weapon Proficiencies

Guild Wars 2 Team Shares Feedback and Upcoming Changes to New Weapon Proficiencies

In a recent update from ArenaNet, Taylor Brooks, a combat designer for Guild Wars 2, shared insights and upcoming changes to the game’s new weapon proficiencies introduced in the “Secrets of the Obscure” expansion. The feedback, gathered from a beta event held in November, has been instrumental in refining the weapons before their official launch.

Ranger, Thief, and Warrior Adjustments

Rangers found the mace to be a versatile addition, leading to enhancements such as a heal-over-time effect for pets and improved skills for supportive play. Thieves with axes will see improved projectile logic and velocity, enhancing their effectiveness in both PvE and competitive modes. Warriors wielding staves will benefit from changes making skills more intuitive and boosting adrenaline gain for support-focused playstyles.

Revenant, Mesmer, and Elementalist Enhancements

Revenants will see the scepter becoming more user-friendly, with a shift away from charging skills through autoattacks to a more straightforward approach. Mesmers’ rifles will receive tweaks to reduce casting times and enhance the utility of Phantasmal Sharpshooters. Elementalists wielding pistols will enjoy more varied animations and faster casting times, with an emphasis on fluid gameplay.

Guardian, Necromancer, and Engineer Weapon Revisions

Guardians with dual pistols will notice faster charging and detonation times for Jurisdiction, aiming for smoother gameplay. Necromancers will benefit from increased power coefficients and refined skill animations for swords. Engineers, however, faced the most significant feedback for the short bow, prompting a comprehensive overhaul to improve support capabilities and introduce new mechanics for skill augmentation.

Community Engagement and Future Plans

The Guild Wars 2 team is committed to engaging with the community, as evidenced by the detailed feedback and subsequent adjustments. The upcoming livestream on February 16 will provide a deeper dive into these changes and a preview of the March balance update.

As “Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure” prepares to expand the arsenal for its nine professions, the adjustments based on player feedback highlight ArenaNet’s dedication to a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. Players are encouraged to tune into the livestream for full details and to prepare for the new challenges and strategies these weapon changes will introduce.