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Open Beta Launch for Zenith: Infinite Realms Now Available

Open Beta Launch for Zenith: Infinite Realms Now Available

The official Zenith website has announced the launch of the Open Beta for “Infinite Realms,” a new game mode within Zenith: Nexus. This introduction brings a free-to-play, action-adventure co-op experience accessible to a wide audience of gamers.

Access and Availability

Players using Meta Quest and Rift platforms can now explore Infinite Realms without any cost. Those on Steam will also have the opportunity to participate, provided they own a copy of Zenith: The Last City. An Open Beta Start Guide is available, offering detailed instructions on how to access the beta and highlighting known issues. As this is an early build, participants are advised to expect potential changes in artwork, balance, and content, as well as possible bugs and performance hitches during the stress-testing phase.

Game Mode Highlights

The City Plaza serves as the central gathering spot within Infinite Realms, where players can receive guidance from NPCs, explore new mechanics at various touchstones, and engage with the game’s community through challenges and upgrades. The Fractured Worlds, accessible through different gates, offer a variety of floating worlds with daily rotating challenges to keep the gameplay engaging.

Gameplay Features

The beta introduces revamped player abilities, including Tempest Blades and other gesture-based abilities that players can unlock and enhance. The game also features parkour mechanics, allowing for dynamic movement through the environment. A shared XP system and level scaling have been implemented to ensure a balanced and inclusive experience for all players, regardless of their individual levels.

Invitation to Participate

The Zenith team encourages players to join the Open Beta of Infinite Realms and provide feedback. Ongoing updates and patches are planned, with the team communicating actively through their Discord channel for more frequent updates.