Guild Wars 2 Launches Super Adventure Festival 2024 1

Guild Wars 2 Launches Super Adventure Festival 2024

The Super Adventure Festival has returned to Guild Wars 2, hosted by the character Moto in the virtual city of Rata Sum. Available from today until May 7, this event welcomes players to participate in the Super Adventure Box, a special area designed for the festival. Details on the festival’s features and updates can be found in the release notes on the game’s official forums.

The festival takes place in Rata Sum, decorated with thematic balloons for the event. Players can access the Super Adventure Box Hub by using an in-game invitation received via mail, which provides instant teleportation, or by traveling to the Magustan Court Waypoint located in Creator’s Commons.

Upon entering the Super Adventure Box, players will find their usual skill sets altered to fit the unique environment of the festival, which is designed to prevent fall damage and disable the use of gliders and mounts. The event includes two primary worlds and offers two gameplay modes: the standard Exploration Mode and the more challenging Tribulation Mode.

The adventure begins in World 1, where players aim to rescue Princess Miya. Initially equipped with a basic weapon, participants can acquire additional weapons and tools from in-game shopkeepers to assist in their quest and uncover hidden treasures.

Players collect baubles within the Super Adventure Box, which serve as the currency for the festival. These can be exchanged for bauble bubbles at the trader located next to Moto. The festival introduces new items and rewards, including weapon skins like the Retro-Forged and Golem-Buster series and accessories such as the Powered Shoulders.

The Test Zone, a special area within the festival, has been expanded this year to include new shops, secrets, and achievements. This zone is accessible by following specific instructions provided within the game. It offers additional challenges and rewards, enhancing the overall festival experience.

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