It's A Good Time To Return To Neverwinter 1

It’s A Good Time To Return To Neverwinter

Neverwinter is currently running the Neverember Recruitment Event and giving away Adventurer’s Fast Track Packs!

The Recruitment event will run until April 23 and will reward players with items in the Adventurer’s Reward boxes as they level. The items are;

  • Adventurer’s XP Booster
  • Embroidered Bag of Holding
  • Stone of Health
  • Trained Grizzly rare mount
  • 3 Insignia Choice Packs
  • Barbarian Shaman rare companion
  • 3 Rank 7 Bonding Runestones
  • 100,000 50% Bonus Rough Astral Diamonds booster
  • Runic Bag of Holding
  • Maze Engine Signet of Patronage

The Free Adventurer’s Fast Track Pack is available from the Rewards Claims Agent and will run until April 2nd and includes

  • 3x Insignia Choice Pack
  • Ensorcelled Arsenal Class Pack
  • 3x Bonding Runestone, Rank 9
  • Kenku Archer companion
  • Gilded Giant Spider mount
  • 10x Scroll of Mass Life
  • 2x Greater Stone of Health
  • Greater Bag of Holding (24 slot)
  • 20x Teleport Scroll – Protector’s Enclave
  • 50x Divine Injury Kit
  • 25x Reward Reroll Token
  • Retraining Token Pack

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