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Jack Emmert’s New Warhammer MMO to Employ Action Combat and Unreal Engine 5

Jack Emmert’s New Warhammer MMO to Employ Action Combat and Unreal Engine 5

Veteran MMO developer Jack Emmert, well known for his contributions to DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online, and City of Heroes, has recently unveiled his plans for a new Warhammer-themed MMO. The announcement came during an interview with WCCFtech, where Emmert shared his vision for the game and spoke about the early stages of its development.

Emmert’s studio, Jackalyptic Games, will be taking the helm of the project. The studio, based in Austin, Texas, a hub for MMO developers, is under the umbrella of Chinese tech giant, NetEase Games. Despite being fully owned by NetEase, Emmert reassured fans that his studio would operate independently, maintaining creative control over their projects.

A key aspect of the forthcoming Warhammer MMO is accessibility. Emmert emphasized his intent to create a game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players, reducing the barrier of entry often associated with MMO games. “I view any game that I make as a chance for someone to escape, for an hour or two hours a day, to dive into another world,” Emmert explained.

In terms of technology, Jackalyptic Games has decided to use Unreal Engine 5, taking advantage of the procedural content generation capabilities of the recent 5.2 release. The choice of a well-established engine over a custom-made one should facilitate the game’s development process and support the ambitious visions of the studio.

Emmert also hinted at a more fluid combat system for the Warhammer MMO, citing past experiences with games like Neverwinter and DC Universe Online. While he didn’t share specific mechanics, he hinted that fans could expect a departure from traditional MMO combat systems.

The Warhammer MMO is still in its early stages, and Jackalyptic Games has yet to confirm which specific IP from the Warhammer universe they’re focusing on. However, Emmert, a self-proclaimed Warhammer enthusiast, promised to be a “zealot” in ensuring the game is true to its source material.

As for the business model, Emmert shared that he’s keeping an open mind. Referencing the success of Amazon’s New World, he acknowledged the viability of several approaches, including free-to-play, straight purchase, or even subscription-like systems similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

With these exciting details about the Warhammer MMO, fans and gamers around the world will be eagerly awaiting further updates from Jackalyptic Games. However, Emmert confirmed that it may be a while before any concrete information like a teaser trailer or specific game details will be released. For now, the world of Warhammer fans will have to wait and see how this ambitious project unfolds.