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Aion Battles Ongoing DDoS Attacks:

Aion Battles Ongoing DDoS Attacks:

In a recent announcement Aion revealed it has been facing a major challenge due to relentless Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against its servers. These cyber-attacks have caused substantial issues including lags, disconnections, and occasional login difficulties.

Aion’s team has affirmed their commitment to mitigating the impact these external threats are having on their player community. Recognizing the value Aion holds for its players, the team assured that they are doing everything within their power to preserve the integrity of the game.

The statement provided further insight into the ongoing situation. The team is currently battling recurring waves of DDoS attacks, a difficult task regardless of the company’s size. While protective measures are in place, and a dedicated security team is working alongside external partners and service providers, the attack is reportedly the largest the company has faced.

Gameforge likened the situation to a “cat-and-mouse-game” between their security team and the attackers. Nevertheless, they emphasized their unwavering commitment to restoring normal operations for their players as soon as possible.

In response to these recent issues, compensations have been provided to players to account for difficulties experienced over the last weekend. The statement reassured players that additional compensations will be offered once the situation stabilizes. Current in-game events affected by these disruptions will also be rescheduled in the future so that no players miss out.