Embers Adrift Ditches Mandatory Subscriptions, Offers New Player Benefits 1

Embers Adrift Ditches Mandatory Subscriptions, Offers New Player Benefits

In a surprising turn of events, Stormhaven Studios, the developers behind the MMORPG Embers Adrift, have announced a major shift in their payment model. Starting from the end of June 2023, players who purchase Embers Adrift will be able to access all of the game’s content without requiring an active subscription.

Stormhaven Studios has always underscored the importance of the community as a cornerstone of their game design and studio operation. This announcement appears to be a direct reflection of that, showing the studio’s commitment to make their game more accessible to all.

While Embers Adrift will still offer a subscription tier at $9.99 per month, these subscribers will now receive additional perks as a thank you for their ongoing support. The perks range from additional character slots to unrestricted access to stash and bank storage, unrestricted emote access, and access to subscriber-only chat channels.

In a move that continues to highlight the studio’s community-focused ethos, some subscriber perks will benefit non-subscribed players as well. For instance, the Drifter’s Crafting Station, a portable facility that can be placed by subscribers, will be usable by any nearby player. Similarly, the Ember Ring healing enhancement bonus given to subscribers will extend to all nearby players.

Existing subscribers will automatically gain access to these perks, while new players who purchase the game after June 2nd will need to ‘opt-in’ to start a subscription via their account page.

The studio also highlighted its ongoing commitment to expand and improve the game. It promises to continually add new perks for subscribers, and to keep producing new content and features.

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