Jessica Gonzalez Leaves Blizzard and Calls for Bobby Kotick's Removal from the Company 1

Jessica Gonzalez Leaves Blizzard and Calls for Bobby Kotick’s Removal from the Company

Senior test analyst at Blizzard Jessica Gonzalez has been one of the harshest critics of leadership at the company and an instrumental force in the protests and walkouts amongst the workers at Blizzard.

Yesterday Gonzalez announced that she’s leaving Blizzard in favor of a role in a financial tech company.

Her departure was announced on her personal Twitter account where she currently goes under the name “Jessica Gonzalez #FireBobbyKotick“. The passionate farewell was addressed to @ABetterABK.

In the letter, Gonzalez says goodbye to her colleagues and says she is regretful that they couldn’t meet under better circumstances. She also calls for the removal of CEO Bobby Kotick, quoting his “inaction and refusal to take accountability is driving out talent” from Blizzard

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