World of Warcraft "The War Within" Alpha Expands Testing in Week 3 1

World of Warcraft “The War Within” Alpha Expands Testing in Week 3

Blizzard Entertainment’s alpha testing for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, “The War Within,” progresses into its third week with new content for participants. The level range for this phase is set between 75 and 78, allowing players to explore and test the latest developments.

This week introduces the zone of Hallowfall, where characters led by Anduin Wrynn and Alleria Windrunner assist the Arathi in their conflict against the nerubians, aiming to secure new alliances. Players are recommended to create new characters using the character creation template to ensure comprehensive testing of the latest features, including updates to the currency system and achievement points, along with further evaluations of the Warband system.

Hero talents also receive updates with new additions for the Archon (Priest) and Fel-Scarred (Demon Hunter) specializations, although all hero talents from previous builds remain accessible for testing.

The introduction of new dungeons, The Dawnbreaker and Priory of the Sacred Flame, available through the in-game Looking for Dungeon tool, invites players to tackle new challenges and environments.

Additionally, the professions of Inscription and Tailoring are highlighted this week, providing crafters with new items and abilities to test.

As new content becomes available, the zone from the previous week, The Ringing Deeps, will be removed from testing.

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