Lost Ark Shares Lore About the World of Arkesia 1

Lost Ark Shares Lore About the World of Arkesia

It’s now less than amonth until Lost Ark arrives in the west, and Smilegate and Amazon Games has started upping their hype game.

The latest video to be shared on the Lost Ark Youtube channel features a 5-minute look into the backstory of Arkesia and some of its stunning locations, including its cities, dungeons and different countries.

Arkesia was created with the power of The Ark, that power drew the attention of the evil Kazeros. The Ark was broken into seven pieces and scattered around the world and Kazeros has sent his army to Arkesia to find it. It’s up to you to find The Ark before the demon army and protect Arkesia from ruin. Explore the land and cultures, learn skills, and meet your allies as you prepare for battle.

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