Force Gaming Gives Introduction to Lost Ark's Endgame 1

Force Gaming Gives Introduction to Lost Ark’s Endgame

The latest video in Lost Ark’s series that introduces players to the various aspects of the MMOARPG focuses on end-game content in Lost Ark.

For this particular video, Amazon Games has hired Youtuber Force Gaming to present the various activities you can expect to participate in.

Chaos Dungeons are timed dungeons where the player will fight waves of increasingly tougher mobs. Next up you have Guardian Raids where you hunt down a boss that moves around a map.

For solo play, you will also have The Tower, with increasingly harder floors and greater rewards as you climb the tower.

Abyssal Dungeons are more similar to regular dungeons in other MMOs. These are the end-game version of lower-level dungeons that you will visit while leveling.

In addition to all these dungeons, there will also be world events available in the open world.

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