LOTRO's Update 39: Arenas of Conflict Brings New Content and Adjustments 1

LOTRO’s Update 39: Arenas of Conflict Brings New Content and Adjustments

The Lord of the Rings Online sees the addition of new content with Update 39: Arenas of Conflict, launched on Wednesday. This update offers players new instances, a raid, and a variety of changes to the gameplay mechanics.

Update 39 introduces a series of new challenges, including three instances and a 12-person raid, accessible for those with the Corsairs of Umbar expansion. Players can access these new adventures through the Instance Join Panel.

  • Three-Person Instances: “The Streets of Râhal Bakh” and “Isle of Storms” are the new three-person instances that take players through unique narratives within the game.
  • Six-Person Instance: “Dahâl Huliz, The Arena” presents a cultural look into Umbar through its gladiatorial combat, with an emphasis on sport and entertainment.
  • Twelve-Person Raid: “The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo” involves a pursuit into a cavernous raid with a narrative that progresses the lore of the game.

Additionally, the update converts seventy-one Elderslade missions into delvings, offering new rewards and challenges. Players can also enjoy new barter items and updated Delving armour.

Gameplay Adjustments:

A range of updates has been applied to enhance class balance and gameplay experience. These adjustments include the implementation of the ‘Fast’ skill tag across non-immediate combat skills, modifications to fellowship-wide buffs, and updates to various classes to either increase their effectiveness or correct existing discrepancies.

Other Updates Include:

  • Crafting and Combat: Changes to crafting recipes, crafted items, and combat mechanics aim to refine the player experience.
  • Events and Rewards: The update introduces new recipes for barter, adjusts the scaling of lootbox gear, and makes various other enhancements to items and rewards.
  • Landscape and Missions: Landscape adjustments correct NPC appearances and fix stuck spots, while missions and delvings see the introduction of Epic Malices and a reordering of challenges to maintain freshness in gameplay.

Player versus Monster Player (PvMP) and Miscellaneous:

Adjustments in the PvMP section address food and buff scroll effects and recalibrate trait and effect values. The update also resolves miscellaneous issues such as emote animations and task board updates.

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