Albion Online Announces Europe Server Launch: Founder Packs and Live-Action Trailer Released 1

Albion Online Announces Europe Server Launch: Founder Packs and Live-Action Trailer Released

Albion Online is expanding its reach with the introduction of a European server, set to launch on April 29, 2024. To build anticipation, the developers have unveiled a live-action trailer, inviting feedback and engaging the community in speculation about its inspirations.

The release of Europe Founder Packs marks a pivotal moment, offering players early access and the ability to secure character and guild names ahead of the server’s official opening. These packs became available on March 12, 2024, setting the stage for a series of pre-launch events:

  • The Founder Pack sale begins on March 12, providing early access and additional benefits for purchasers.
  • April 2 is the deadline for beta name reservations, leading into the Closed Beta start on April 3.
  • Open Beta access opens up to all on April 10, followed by the end of the beta period on April 23.
  • Early access for Founder Pack purchasers starts in staggered phases from April 24, leading up to the free-to-play release on April 29.
  • Founder Pack sales conclude on June 3, 2024.

Founder Packs offer a variety of benefits, including access to the Closed Beta, early server access, and the chance to reserve names for characters and guilds. These packs are available in multiple tiers, each with its own set of rewards and level of early access.

The Beta Season, beginning April 3, presents an exclusive opportunity for players to earn the Duelist vanity set through open-world activities. A special Guild Season will also take place, offering rewards such as custom statues and guild logos. Access to the Closed Beta is exclusive to Founder Pack purchasers, who will also enjoy accelerated progress in unlocking the Duelist set and its accompanying mount skin.

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