LOTRO's Warden Class Changes Announced in Developer's Diary 1

LOTRO’s Warden Class Changes Announced in Developer’s Diary

The developer OnnMacMahal has announced changes to the Warden class in an upcoming update for the game.

The Warden class is structured around the use of gambit skills, but the current state of the class faces issues such as a lack of defensive cooldown abilities and underutilized gambit chains. The class also has a large amount of effect clutter and the damage-dealing specialization, Seize the Moment, overshadows other class mechanics.

To address these issues, the Assailment trait tree will become a passive, non-specialization tree and the Seize the Moment effect will be removed. The new skill ‘Rapid Techniques’ and the trait ‘Strong Foundations’ will retain the spirit of Seize the Moment.

The developesr aims to make the Warden class more competitive in both tanking and damage-dealing roles while maintaining its focus on proactive gameplay.

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