LOTRO's Lead Systems Developer, +Orion Talks about the 2024 Roadmap and Answers Questions 1

LOTRO’s Lead Systems Developer, +Orion Talks about the 2024 Roadmap and Answers Questions

In a recent live stream, Lead Systems Developer of “The Lord of the Rings Online” (LOTRO), +Orion, stepped in for Cordovan to engage with the community and discuss the game’s direction for 2024. Orion’s appearance, initially prompted by Cordovan’s absence due to personal reasons, turned into a comprehensive overview of upcoming updates and answered several burning questions from the player base.

Key Highlights from the Stream:

  1. 2024 Roadmap Overview:
    • +Orion detailed the roadmap for 2024, highlighting the commitment to complete the Corsair of Umbar content, including the release of pending instances and raids.
    • The roadmap also includes plans for quarterly updates, with a focus on expanding the game’s story and introducing new content and features.
  2. Instance Clusters and Epic Maluses:
    • The upcoming instance clusters promise diversity and innovation, covering various areas of the Umbar expansion.
    • A new feature, “Epic Maluses,” was discussed, which will bring unique challenges and events within instances, elevating the player experience.
  3. Kinship System Refresh:
    • Orion emphasized the importance of the social aspect in MMOs, revealing plans for a kinship system refresh. The goal is to enhance the support kinships provide to both new and veteran players.
  4. Future Content and Updates:
    • The stream touched upon the continuation of the “Songs of Waves and Wind” narrative, the addition of new epic battles, and plans for the 17th-anniversary celebrations.
    • Details on class updates, VIP improvements, and the introduction of a new crafting profession were also shared.
  5. Community Questions Addressed:
    • Orion took the time to address various community queries, ranging from specific game mechanics to broader development strategies.
    • The discussion covered topics like legendary servers, player concerns over certain game aspects, and the balance between new content and revisiting older game elements.
  6. Engagement and Transparency:
    • The stream was an effort to engage transparently with the LOTRO community, providing insights into the game’s development process and future plans.
    • Orion’s interaction exemplified the team’s dedication to community feedback and the ongoing evolution of LOTRO.

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