Mad World Launches Pre-Registration Event with Exciting Rewards and Events 1

Mad World Launches Pre-Registration Event with Exciting Rewards and Events

Mad World has finally started its pre-registration event, and fans can now get their hands on a range of exciting rewards. The event will run from the 28th of February 2023 and will end on a date yet to be announced.

The game’s official website has provided detailed instructions for fans to take part in the event. By registering on the website, players will receive various items that can be used in the game once it is launched. The items offered will vary depending on the number of people registered.

Participants who have already registered on the website will automatically take part in the pre-registration event. As part of the event, players can earn a special title, adventure chest, and abyssal phantom sphere.

In addition to the pre-registration event, Mad World has also announced several other exciting events. For instance, the Self-Verification Bonus Reward will reward players with three abyssal phantom spheres when they verify their account on the official website.

Moreover, the Gross Pre-Registration Reward is another exciting event where players will receive rewards such as regeneration potions, phantom spheres, and food items that will boost experience gained for a limited time.

Mad World also announced that they will be rewarding players who follow and subscribe to their official YouTube and Facebook pages. The Official Account Subscription and Follow Reward will provide players with one abyssal phantom sphere each when the gross number of likes and subscriptions reach 30 thousand.

Lastly, the Friend Invitation Event offers players a chance to win exciting prizes, including an Apple iPad 10th generation, Apple AirPods Pro 2nd generation, and an abyssal phantom sphere. Players will automatically take part in the event if they have already sent friend invitations before the event.

Mad World is expected to launch soon, and the rewards from the events will be provided within seven days from the official launch.

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