Microsoft Retracts Early Post Announcing Final Fantasy XIV's Xbox Open Beta Going Live 1

Microsoft Retracts Early Post Announcing Final Fantasy XIV’s Xbox Open Beta Going Live

In a significant expansion for one of the most popular MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for its long-awaited debut on the Xbox Series X|S. This development was briefly and prematurely announced by Microsoft in a now-deleted post, creating a buzz among the gaming community.

Premature Announcement and Retraction

Microsoft’s deleted post enthusiastically stated, “Final Fantasy XIV is officially available on Xbox Series X|S!” It also mentioned that progress from the open beta would be transferable to the full game. However, the company quickly retracted the announcement, clarifying that the news was posted incorrectly and apologizing for any confusion caused. Despite the retraction, the official announcement of the open beta is anticipated shortly, aligning with the game’s scheduled launch on Xbox this spring.

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