Homecoming Team Celebrates City of Heroes' Milestone with New Updates and Collaborations 1

Homecoming Team Celebrates City of Heroes’ Milestone with New Updates and Collaborations

The team behind the City of Heroes private server, Homecoming, has announced a series of exciting developments as they celebrate a significant milestone in the game’s history.

The Journey to Licensing

Reflecting on their journey since May 2019, the Homecoming Team recounted their dedication to creating a stable and long-term version of City of Heroes. After the game’s sunset in 2019, the team embarked on talks to acquire a license to ensure the game’s longevity and avoid repeated closures. This effort has now come to fruition, with Homecoming officially licensed to host City of Heroes, marking a surreal but triumphant moment for the team and the community.

Merging with Victory and Paragon Servers

In a move to strengthen the game’s community, Homecoming will merge with the Victory server, making it the 6th live shard alongside existing ones like Torchbearer and Excelsior. This integration is a complex process and is expected to take a couple of months. Additionally, Homecoming will incorporate the Closed Beta testing previously hosted by Paragon into its infrastructure, inviting more players to join and contribute to the game’s development.

Upcoming Update: Issue 27: Page 7

The next major update, Issue 27: Page 7, is set to enter Open Beta soon. This extensive update includes new power sets, story arcs, zone updates, customization options, and enemy group updates. The highlight is the Advanced Difficulty Task Force: Lady Grey. The patch notes for this update are extensive, almost 70 pages long, hinting at the scale of the new content.

Sneak Peeks and Future Plans

The Homecoming team shared sneak peeks of the upcoming update, showcasing new graphics and features. They hinted at more exciting developments in Issue 28 and beyond, with cryptic references to new themes and elements.

Recruiting for Homecoming

As the team grows with the addition of members from Paragon and Victory, Homecoming is also actively recruiting new Game Masters and developers. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply, indicating the team’s commitment to expanding and improving the City of Heroes experience.

Gratitude and Future Outlook

The Homecoming team expressed deep gratitude for the community’s unwavering support, which was crucial in reaching this milestone. They look forward to a future filled with more updates, collaborations, and continued growth of the City of Heroes universe.

This announcement from the Homecoming team marks a significant step in preserving and enhancing City of Heroes, providing both old and new players with a stable and rich gaming experience.

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