Final Fantasy XIV Online Rolls Out The Dark Throne: Patch 6.4, Packed with New Quests, Trials, and Raids" 1

Final Fantasy XIV Online Rolls Out The Dark Throne: Patch 6.4, Packed with New Quests, Trials, and Raids”

Square Enix has launched the new update for Final Fantasy XIV Online. The patch, titled “The Dark Throne,” introduces an array of new quests, trials, and raids for players to conquer.

The new patch, number 6.4, continues the main story with added quests and introduces some thrilling challenges, including the final installment of the Pandæmonium raid series, Anabaseios. Other new adventures awaiting players include the Aetherfont dungeon and The Voidcast Dais trial, where players will face off against the formidable Golbez on Normal and Extreme difficulties.

For players seeking additional challenges, they can test their skills against Zurvan in the new Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal) trial. Tataru’s Grand Endeavour storyline also continues with new side story quests.

The Duty Support System update brings added support for several Stormblood main scenario dungeons, enabling players to complete them solo or with a team of NPC allies. Patch 6.4 also expands the Ocean Fishing feature, introducing a new route towards Kugane.

In addition to the new quests and challenges, Island Sanctuary updates have been implemented, providing new sanctuary ranks, items, construction plots, craftable items, crops, and animals. Players will now also be able to place outdoor furnishings near structures.

In terms of Player versus Player (PvP) updates, the patch introduces Crystalline Conflict PvP Series 4 and Season 7, as well as rule adjustments for the Fields of Glory (Shatter). A new UI element has also been added, making it easier for players to track scores and match times.

Various other updates are included in Patch 6.4, such as the introduction of a new Allagan tomestone currency, the ability to glamour scholar faeries, job icon display updates, and numerous quality-of-life improvements.

Looking ahead, players can anticipate further updates in Patch 6.45, including a level cap increase for Blue Mage, new gear, new enemies, a new variable-difficulty dungeon designed for 1-4 players, new high-difficulty four-player content, and more Hildibrand Adventures. Players can also look forward to new weapon and tool enhancement quests.

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