Neverwinter Has Reworked the Demogorgon 1

Neverwinter Has Reworked the Demogorgon

The Demogorgon is somewhat of a legendary creature to Dungeons & Dragons players. It even makes an appearance in the Netflix series Stranger Things. To Neverwinter players it should be memorable as well as it appeared as an Epic Trial in the Underdark module.

The Demogorgon fight used to be quite challenging but as players have become more powerful, the Demogorgon has become less of an obstacle, so Cryptic has reworked the whole encounter.

I’m gonna keep it a buck with you here and put it all out there. The Demogorgon trial just isn’t harvesting enough tears these days. We’ve got incredibly detailed reports that track salt levels, and Demogorgon just isn’t pulling its weight like it used to. I chalk it up to our player-base growing in skill and being just better than they were when Demogorgon first hit the scene.

Rob “Cryptic-Ridi” Hrouda
Staff Systems Designer of Neverwinter

The new and more challenging Demogorgon (and Goristro) will be available for players to face already tomorrow September 28th, with all-new mechanics and new rewards. Read the full update on the official Neverwinter site.

Neverwinter Has Reworked the Demogorgon 2
The new Artifact set from the reworked Demogorgon Epic Trial.

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