Neverwinter Premium Chest Drop Improvements 1

Neverwinter Premium Chest Drop Improvements

If you have played Neverwinter you will no doubt have noticed that the chest drops at the end of dungeons are less than impressive.

The drop tables are now being reworked and the amount of premium rewards will be increased.

The new list of possible drops from dungeon chests will include:

  • Companion Upgrade Tokens
  • Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • Astral Diamonds (refined, not rough)
  • Tradebars
  • Wards
  • Genie’s Gifts
  • Scrolls of Raise Dead/Raise Dead Team
  • Stones of Health
  • Mounts and Companions rank Uncommon -> Epic
  • 36 slot bag Legendary
  • Account Wide Mounts – very rare!

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