Nexon Announces Global Publishing Agreement for "Project T," Based on the "Overgeared" Web Novel and Webtoon 1

Nexon Announces Global Publishing Agreement for “Project T,” Based on the “Overgeared” Web Novel and Webtoon

Nexon has announced a new addition to its game portfolio with “Project T,” an MMORPG set to launch on both PC and mobile platforms. This development follows a global publishing agreement signed by Nexon Korea Corporation with GRAYGAMES Inc.

“Project T” is inspired by the popular Korean web novel and webtoon “Overgeared,” which has garnered over 1.3 billion views across 11 years. The game’s narrative focuses on Young-woo Shin, a character who acquires extraordinary powers in a medieval game setting.

The game incorporates elements from the original “Overgeared” content, including a variety of unique virtual reality features like hidden quests, hidden classes, epic stories, and a crafting system. These elements are set within a fantasy and medieval-themed world, aiming to provide an immersive player experience.

“Project T” allows players to actively participate in world-building activities such as nation founding, warfare, and title granting, staying true to the “Overgeared” universe.

Development of “Project T” is led by GRAYGAMES, a Korean game development studio established in 2023. The studio’s team is experienced in MMORPG development and live operations. Recently, GRAYGAMES has also entered into an exclusive contract with REDICE STUDIO to develop the “Overgeared” game.

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