New World Developers Address Community Concerns and Future Updates in Latest Q&A Session 1

New World Developers Address Community Concerns and Future Updates in Latest Q&A Session

In a recent episode of “Forged in Aeternum,” the “New World” team, including Game Director Scot Lane, Senior Gameplay Engineer Scott Geiser, and Creative Director David Verfaillie, addressed various issues raised by the community. The discussion covered adjustments to their communication strategy, bug fixes, and future content plans.

The team announced a reduction in the frequency of their Q&A sessions, a decision driven by an upcoming significant announcement slated for June. This adjustment aims to better manage community expectations and minimize frustration related to unanswered questions as they prepare for the announcement.

Concerns regarding bug fixes and content rollout were major topics. Scott Geiser acknowledged the challenge of addressing all issues identified during the PTR phases due to limited time and resources. The team prioritizes critical bugs but recognizes that not all problems can be addressed before updates go live.

Scot Lane explained the decision to remove full-season storyline quests after their respective seasons, noting that these were designed as temporary content to avoid overwhelming new players. This approach is intended to keep the game’s narrative fresh and manageable.

The team plans to shift focus from seasonal narratives to more repeatable and engaging content. They are also working on enhancing the PvP experience and improving matchmaking to ensure competitiveness based on player skill levels.

Quality of life improvements are also on the agenda, with plans to extend the informative tooltips introduced for cooking ingredients to other items. However, no specific timelines were provided for these updates.

In response to concerns about the quality of updates, Scot Lane emphasized the importance of delivering high-quality releases to rebuild community trust. The team is committed to making internal process improvements and increasing the testing phase for updates to enhance overall game quality.

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