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Novaquark Announces New Features and Improvements for Dual Universe in 2023, Including PvE Combat and Enhanced Planets

Novaquark Announces New Features and Improvements for Dual Universe in 2023, Including PvE Combat and Enhanced Planets

Novaquark, the developer of Dual Universe, has announced plans for several new features and improvements in the coming year. In a recent statement, Mark van den Heuvel, a member of the Production team at Novaquark, shared details about the company’s plans for the game in 2023.

One of the main goals for the development team is to enhance the gameplay experience and implement community-requested features and quality-of-life improvements. One such feature is the inclusion of new planets, which will feature new art, terrain, and exciting features. However, the development team has decided to take extra time to ensure that the new planets feel truly different, which means they will be released at a slower pace and possibly in a different order than originally planned.

Another highly-requested feature from the community is the implementation of a PvE combat system. The development team has begun work on the first iteration of this feature, which will take players into combat in their ships and scale in size to allow all players to participate. This feature is still in the early development stages and will take time to implement, but the development team is looking forward to player feedback in future testing sessions.

The development team is also reviewing feedback and data from the PvP community to determine what changes to make to the game’s PvP system. Potential changes include increasing the importance and/or requirement of voxel armor on successful PvP ship designs, finding ways to encourage multi-crew ship setups, and potentially restricting the ability to remove cargo while in combat.

In addition to these new features, the development team is also working on making the winning entries from the Build Your Legacy Contest available as options for players to select during the first start of the game, and making them available for purchase in the UEF shop. The contest entries were original and impressive. The maintenance unit is also planned to be included in the upcoming 1.3 update.

Overall, the development team at Novaquark is committed to listening to player feedback and improving the gameplay experience in Dual Universe, and is looking forward to sharing more updates and teasers for upcoming features in the coming year.