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Ashfall Dev Blog Reveals Exciting Details on Personal Base System

Ashfall Dev Blog Reveals Exciting Details on Personal Base System

In the latest Dev Blog for the upcoming MMO Ashfall, developers have revealed new details about the game’s personal base system. According to the blog, players will have the opportunity to claim a personal base as their own once they reach a certain point in the game.

At first glance, the personal base may appear to be nothing more than a warehouse with a bunch of dusty equipment. However, as players collect building materials and upgrade their equipment, they will begin to see the true potential of their personal base. For example, the lounge area will start off as just a few worn sofas, but can be upgraded to house more companions. Additionally, the base will feature a shooting range that can be unlocked, allowing players to practice their pistol skills and learn special talents to increase pistol damage in battle.

Players will also be able to decorate their base with furniture collected during their adventures, which can improve the comfort of the base and restore more Stamina when inside. Certain special furniture pieces can even permanently increase a character’s combat stats.

The personal base also allows players to take advantage of pre-war technology and intelligence, such as automated mines and exploration robots. Developers have promised more information on this aspect in their next blog, as well as network communications that will allow players to solve others’ material needs.