Past Fate Patch 0.4.3 Brings Improvements to Early Gameplay and Blackfang Keep Dungeon 1

Past Fate Patch 0.4.3 Brings Improvements to Early Gameplay and Blackfang Keep Dungeon

Past Fate players, get ready to experience a new level of gameplay with Patch 0.4.3 now live! The latest patch focuses on improving the early game experience and enhancing the Blackfang Keep dungeon.

The world of Past Fate has become even more immersive with new lore items, additional NPCs to interact with, and more gatherables to collect. The enemy AI has been improved to roam around their spawns, and the loot tables have been expanded to offer a wider variety of items. Treasure chests found around the world also now contain more valuable items.

Players will notice optimization improvements, allowing the game to run smoother on all systems. The team has also made improvements to the landscape and foliage changes around the world.

The player experience has also been improved with new character animations, a variety of player emotes added, and slight player statistic changes. Crafting has also been adjusted, with new craftable items added and a slight change to resource requirements.

Several bugs have also been fixed, including optimization issues, minor bugs, and AI improvements. Shields now properly block incoming attacks, and the AI no longer chases players until it catches up.

Past Fate is an open-world MMORPG that allows players to choose their own fate in a medieval fantasy world. With Patch 0.4.3, the game has become even more immersive, with improved gameplay, graphics, and optimization. Discover hidden secrets and explore vast continents in this fantasy world. So, what are you waiting for? Join the game and discover your fate!

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