Pirate101 Sets Sail for Steam on May 31 1

Pirate101 Sets Sail for Steam on May 31

A decade after first launching, Pirate101, the beloved turn-based tactics MMORPG, is charting a course for Steam with an official launch date set for May 31, 2023.

Developed with a dedicated community of swashbuckling enthusiasts in mind, Pirate101 has been offering high-seas adventures and cooperative fun for over 10 years. With the Steam launch, the game opens its doors to a whole new audience, inviting pirates from the Steam community to embark on countless escapades in the Spiral.

In Pirate101, players assemble a motley crew of skyway brigands and set out on a thrilling quest for the legendary map to El Dorado. The game combines strategy and action, as players outwit clockwork soldiers, unravel hidden mysteries, and execute powerful combos in high-stakes encounters.

“The move to Steam marks an exciting new chapter for Pirate101,” a spokesperson for the game said. “We can’t wait for a new generation of players to explore the Spiral, and we’re equally thrilled to offer our dedicated player base a fresh platform on which to enjoy the game they love.”

In tandem with the Steam launch, players can also look forward to the game’s Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus update. In this highly-anticipated update, the hunt for the infamous Captain Sinbad continues, promising plenty of new adventures and challenges.

To ensure you’re part of the inaugural Steam voyage, you can add Pirate101 to your Steam wishlist at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/620620/Pirate101/. This will notify you when the game officially launches, so you can be among the first to set sail in this new digital port.

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