Fractured Online Reverts to Original Domain After Developer-Publisher Split 1

Fractured Online Reverts to Original Domain After Developer-Publisher Split

In the latest developments following the split between Gamigo and Fractured Online developer Dynamight Studios, the official website for the MMO game has been reverted back to its original domain. The confirmation comes directly from Jacopo Gallelli, aka Prometheus, CEO of Dynamight Studios.

Earlier this year, both companies announced their split after Gamigo declared in 2022 that it would be publishing Fractured Online. Now, with the recent upheaval, Gallelli took to Discord to deliver the good news to Fractured Online fans.

“We have restored the old website – the official domain of Fractured Online is once again,” Gallelli said. Not all features of the website are available at the moment. Functions like login, registration, the store, and the forums remain disabled, but a data transfer set to begin in the next few days should restore these functionalities.

Users trying to access should be redirected to the restored website, but Gallelli warns that some users might still see the old Gamigo-developed site due to their browser caching the old DNS entry. To overcome this, Gallelli posted instructions on how to flush the cache and recommended users to refresh their browsers.

Fractured Online fans have more exciting news to look forward to. “Stay tuned for the migration update – if all goes well, you’ll be able to test the latest build of Fractured Online by the end of the month!” Gallelli confirmed.

The move signals a fresh start for the game under the guidance of its original developers. More updates are expected as Dynamight Studios gears up to take full control of Fractured Online’s future development and release.

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