PlanetSide 2 Introduces New Construction System 1

PlanetSide 2 Introduces New Construction System

The announcement was made by the PlanetSide 2 development team, who have been diligently working on overhauling the system in recent months. This update coincides with PlanetSide’s 20th anniversary celebrations, adding more excitement to the mix.

The primary goals of the Fortification update are to enhance the gameplay experience for both builders and non-builders and to make the system more accessible to all players. The team has taken feedback from the community and the Public Test server into account throughout the development process, resulting in an update that they are eager to share with the player base.

PlanetSide 2 Introduces New Construction System 2

Numerous new and updated construction items will be introduced with the Fortification update. For a detailed understanding of the buildings and modules, players are encouraged to read the “Update Under Construction” article, which provides comprehensive information on the upcoming additions. Additionally, patch notes from the Test server are available and will be supplemented with more notes in the coming days, highlighting the improvements made since the previous round.

The Oshur region of the game will also see several adjustments alongside the construction overhaul. These changes were outlined in the April 28th patch notes and aim to enhance the gameplay experience in that area.

In honor of PlanetSide’s 20th anniversary, the game’s developer, Rogue Planet Games, has prepared various activities and events for players. To commemorate this milestone, a “DOUBLE XP FOR ALL” event will take place from May 17th to May 21st, providing players with the opportunity to level up faster and reap additional rewards.

Furthermore, to celebrate the Golden Birthday of PlanetSide, the original PlanetSide 1 and PlanetSide 2 soundtracks will be released. The PlanetSide 2 soundtracks will be divided into faction-specific albums and will be available on major streaming platforms, allowing players to enjoy the nostalgic tunes that have accompanied them throughout the years.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, players will have the chance to earn the NS-D Helios by completing the 20-Year Legacy directives, which will be available from May 17th to June 4th. Additionally, a 20-Year Legacy bundle will be offered in the Depot, containing various items, including the new NS-D Helios, paying homage to the legendary PS1 Dragon. Faction-based Apex SMGs will also make their debut in the Depot.

Looking ahead, the development team plans to closely monitor player feedback upon the release of the Fortification update, ensuring its stability and addressing any issues that may arise through subsequent updates and patches. They have also hinted at exciting summer activities on the horizon and preliminary work for PlanetSide 2’s upcoming anniversary.

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