The Elder Scrolls Online Unveils Details About Necrom and Roadmap for 2023 1

The Elder Scrolls Online Unveils Details About Necrom and Roadmap for 2023

Excitement is building among Elder Scrolls Online fans as Bethesda Softworks recently released the highly anticipated details for their upcoming chapter, Necrom. Set to launch in summer 2023, Necrom promises to deliver a thrilling new adventure in the ever-expanding world of Tamriel. A new roadmap was recently unveiled on the ESO website with some details on the expansion and plans for the rest of the year.

The Necrom chapter will introduce players to two captivating new zones: the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. These regions will provide the backdrop for 30 hours of unique story content, promising to immerse players in a deep and engaging narrative experience.

One of the most exciting additions to Necrom is the introduction of a brand new class called The Arcanist. This arcane spellcaster will bring a fresh playstyle to the game, allowing players to harness the powers of magic in unique and exciting ways. With a wide array of spells and abilities at their disposal, The Arcanist promises to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

In addition to the new class, players can look forward to tackling the challenging new 12-player trial called “Sanity’s Edge.” This daunting encounter will test the skills and teamwork of even the most experienced adventurers, offering epic rewards for those who emerge victorious.

To aid players on their journey, Necrom will also introduce two new companions: Azandar Al-Cybiades and Sharp-As-Night. These companions will offer their unique abilities and personalities, providing invaluable assistance and adding depth to players’ solo and group experiences.

But that’s not all—Necrom will bring a host of additional features and content to the world of The Elder Scrolls Online. New world events in the form of Bastion Nymic will challenge players to join forces and overcome formidable foes for exclusive rewards. Players will also be able to earn new mounts, pets, and collectibles, expanding their options for customization and personalization.

For those seeking even more power, Necrom will introduce 10 new item sets and four new mythic items, offering a wealth of new strategies and build possibilities. Players will also discover a variety of new homes, furnishings, achievements, and titles to further showcase their accomplishments and style.

To further enhance the player experience, Update 38 for the base game will accompany the launch of Necrom. This update will introduce a range of quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to collect favorite items into convenient containers, fillet stacks of fish, and prevent Stuga from endlessly following players. Additionally, guilds that claim Cyrodiil keeps and resources will receive new messaging features to communicate and strategize more effectively.

The release of Necrom and Update 38 is slated for June 5 on PC, with console players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X|S, and Xbox One joining the adventure on June 20.

Looking ahead, Bethesda Softworks has exciting plans for the future of The Elder Scrolls Online. In fall 2023, they have teased a set of quality-of-life improvements, promising to refine and enhance the overall gameplay experience. Furthermore, in winter 2023, players can anticipate the introduction of a new game system called “Endless Dungeon Runner,” which promises to provide endless challenges and rewards for daring adventurers.

The anticipation for Necrom and the future of The Elder Scrolls Online is palpable, and fans across Tamriel eagerly await the opportunity to embark on this new chapter in their ever-growing journey. Prepare your weapons, gather your allies, and get ready to delve into the shadows of Morrowind like never before.

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