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Prepare to Answer the Call of the Crusade in World of Warcraft Starting June 20

Prepare to Answer the Call of the Crusade in World of Warcraft Starting June 20

World of Warcraft (WoW) players can look forward The Call of the Crusade, set to launch tomorrow on June 20, invites adventurers to joust, face the menacing dragon Onyxia, and prove their mettle in brand-new trials and challenges across the frosty expanses of Northrend.

The forthcoming update features the much-anticipated Titan Rune Dungeons—Defense Protocol Beta. This presents a new higher-level difficulty where players will face powerful creatures and bosses boasting dangerous new effects, increased health, and enhanced damage. To add to the thrill, bosses defeated with the Defense Protocol Beta active will reward loot from the 10-player version of Ulduar. The final boss will also award a unique currency, Sidereal Essence, which can be exchanged for Hard Mode Ulduar gear rewards from the Animated Constellation vendor located in Dalaran. Players can activate this challenging mode at the entrance of a Heroic dungeon through the Mysterious Device.

The update also introduces the Crusader’s Coliseum: Trial of the Champion. This 5-player dungeon brings players head-to-head with champions from either the Horde or Alliance, culminating in a final confrontation with representatives of the Argent Crusade and the infamous Black Knight. The coliseum, located at the Argent Tournament, promises to test player mettle and skills in thrilling jousting battles.

In addition to the Coliseum challenge, the Argent Tournament itself is introduced as a new quest hub. Located north of Sindragosa’s Fall in the Icecrown zone, the tournament offers a variety of new quests and daily quests. This tournament experience will allow players to display their jousting prowess and earn unique rewards.

For PvP enthusiasts, the update marks the beginning of the Wrath of the Lich King PvP Classic™ Season 7. The season brings with it the Isle of Conquest battleground, opening up 40 vs. 40 epic battles between players. New Alliance and Horde Fortresses are also ready for conquest by brave warriors.

On June 22, at 3:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. EDT), the Trial of the Crusader and Trial of the Grand Crusader raids will become available. These challenging 10 and 25-player raids feature five intense trials that will test team coordination and prowess in the heat of battle.

In a blast from the past, players will once again get a chance to face off against Onyxia in a revamped level 80 version of this iconic encounter. It’s time to re-experience the thrill of battling this formidable dragon in her lair.