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Project LLL: NCSOFT’s Ambitious New MMO Shooter

Project LLL: NCSOFT’s Ambitious New MMO Shooter

NCSOFT has just announced their new and ambitious Project LLL. This MMO shooter game is set in an alternative historic science fiction world, where players will explore a post-apocalyptic South Korea,10th century Byzantine Empire, and the 23rd century future – all co-existing in one timeline.

This open-world MMO will feature procedurally created content that reacts appropriately to the player’s situation instead of playing preset content on repeat. Players will also have the opportunity to pilot various vehicles such as robots, automobiles, and even helicopters.

According to Jaehyun Bae, project lead on Project LLL the game has been inspired by novels such as the Foundation and Dune series, along with movies and shows including Blade Runner, Total Recall, and The Man in the High Castle.

See the gameplay trailer for the upcoming shooter MMO below.