PSO2 NEW GENESIS announces Skip Gameplay feature for purchase in upcoming update 1

PSO2 NEW GENESIS announces Skip Gameplay feature for purchase in upcoming update

Players of PSO2 NEW GENESIS will soon have access to a new feature that allows them to advance their gameplay experience instantly. Sega has announced that it will be releasing a paid Skip Gameplay feature in an update on 6/7/2023 (Wed) (GMT+2). This feature will allow players to level up their class or progress through the game’s story at a much faster rate than usual.

According to the developers, the Skip Gameplay feature has been designed to help players who are just starting or returning to the game. It will enable them to catch up to other players and access new content quickly. Additionally, the feature will also benefit players who want to level up additional characters and progress through the game’s main story more efficiently.

The Skip Gameplay feature will include several new items, such as the NGS Story Progress Tickets, which will allow players to skip through the game’s main story to the latest chapter at the time of use. The selected main class will also get the experience points needed to reach the recommended class level to play the latest chapter. There is no purchase limit for this item.

Another item, the Class Level 70 & Equipment Set, will raise the selected main class level to 70 and provide one weapon from each weapon category available to the class, as well as three pieces of armor. Equipment items will be set to increase the character’s Battle Power to the amount needed to play the latest content as of 6/7/2023 (Wed) (GMT+2). Players can purchase only one item for each class on each character, and the equipment items will be delivered to the OP Team Storage.

The third item, the NGS Ver.1 All Trainia Explored, will set the status of all Cocoons and Towers available as of 6/7/2023 (Wed) (GMT+2) to “completed.” This will allow players to acquire the Skill Points from the first clear reward. However, if players have already completed some Cocoons or Towers, they cannot receive the first clear reward Skill Points again. Players can purchase only one item per account.

The developers have promised to release further details about the Skip Gameplay feature at a later date. For now, players can look forward to the update on 6/7/2023 (Wed) (GMT+2) and take advantage of the new items to progress through the game at a faster pace.

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