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Welcome to the Scars of Honor news hub on MMORPG.GG. Here you can find the latest news and updates for Scars of Honor.

  • Release Date: NA – Currently in Pre-alpha
  • Developer: Beast Burst Entertainment
  • Platform: PC

Scars of Honor, the upcoming MMORPG, has just released the second part of its animated lore series, “Tales of Aragon.” The developers have expressed their gratitude to the team behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to bring the project to life, and they invite players to like, comment, and subscribe to their Youtube channel to …

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Beast Burst Entertainment has announced that they will be hosting a new test for their upcoming MMORPG, Scars of Honor, on March 14th. The test will last until the 18th and players will be able to test the new Beast Burst Launcher, the character creator, and a jump event in-game. No PvE or PvP content …

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Scars of Honor is a game that recently popped onto our radar from Bulgarian developer Beast Burst Entertainment. The game is still early in development but a good chunk of information is available on the website and social media. Scars of Honor seeks to return to the roots of the MMORPG genre, meaning a strong …

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