Scars of Honor Launches Its 5th Test Phase with Enhanced Features 1

Scars of Honor Launches Its 5th Test Phase with Enhanced Features

Scars of Honor, the upcoming MMO, has announced the live launch of its 5th test phase. This phase, now open to everyone with a Supporter or Honored account, will run until the 14th of July.

Users have been sent an email detailing the instructions and additional information on accessing this test phase. Those who haven’t yet seen it can access the phase by purchasing or upgrading to a Supporter or Honored account. Existing license holders can directly download the Beast Burst Launcher to jump into the action.

The 5th test phase boasts a range of features, including basic combat with access to Spells and Basic Attacks. Players can select from three classes: Warrior, Mage, and Priest. Two arena maps, Thallan’s Ring and Bonecrusher’s Theatre, offer battlegrounds for players to flex their fighting skills.

This phase also sees the implementation of all eight races with both male and female models. Players can now gain XP and level up to Level 10, and a new loot system has been implemented, with defeated enemies dropping loot. An online leaderboard allows players to check and flaunt their PvP score. Vendors are now available to sell and buy items. Additionally, the game now features a cosmetic Subrace Nordrim, allowing players to purchase the intimidating Viking-Type Human Subrace.

For added excitement, new features will be rolled out throughout the test phase. The Braveyard battleground will begin accepting participants later this week. Players can expect regular additions to quests and spells, as well as new VFX and animations. All bugs found will be addressed on the go by the dev team.

The Scars of Honor team encourages players to report any bugs they come across via the dedicated Discord channel or the Beast Burst Launcher’s Bug Report button. A daily-updated changelog will also be available in the news section of the Scars of Honor website. This exciting development marks a significant step forward in the game’s progress and is a chance for players to get a taste of the action to come.

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