Scars of Honor Reveals Epic Lore and Animated Series: Tales of Aragon Part 2 1

Scars of Honor Reveals Epic Lore and Animated Series: Tales of Aragon Part 2

Scars of Honor, the upcoming MMORPG, has just released the second part of its animated lore series, “Tales of Aragon.” The developers have expressed their gratitude to the team behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to bring the project to life, and they invite players to like, comment, and subscribe to their Youtube channel to stay up to date with all the latest content.

In other exciting news from the game, the developers have released new information about one of the first-created Infernal Demons, Lord Satanyr, who became the King of the Dark Empire. Satanyr’s main interests were magic and power, and he proved himself superior to many other demons in the Dark Desert.

However, Satanyr’s interest in the Gods Wars and the Builders’ work led him to a rival, Lady Gremorah Redhorned, the most powerful witch of her time. They became partners in magic and in love and worked together to create the Soul Ring, a storage for human souls that would allow the Infernal Demons to feed and procreate without the need to leech the souls of live humans. Satanyr and Gremorah sacrificed themselves to open the Soul Ring, fusing together their essences and becoming the godlike Gremonyr, King of the Empire.

When the Humans went on a Crusade, Gremonyr saw a good opportunity to start filling the Soul Ring, and the 1st Demonic War began. The war lasted for 1000 years and ended abruptly with Queen Nepherimas purging the Humans from White Garden.

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