Beast Burst Entertainment Announces "Biggest Test Yet" for Upcoming MMO, "Scars of Honor" 1

Beast Burst Entertainment Announces “Biggest Test Yet” for Upcoming MMO, “Scars of Honor”

Beast Burst Entertainment has just announced the dates for their biggest test yet for the highly anticipated MMO, “Scars of Honor”. Starting on July 3, 2023, and running through to July 14, players will have a ten-day window to test out newly implemented features in the game.

In an announcement that has left the gaming community buzzing with excitement, the studio has revealed an extensive list of game features for players to test. Basic Combat is now live, enabling players to experience Spells and Basic Attacks. Players can choose from three different classes – Warrior, Mage, and Priest.

The arena mode comes with two thrilling maps: Thallan’s Ring and Bonecrusher’s Theatre. The studio has also implemented a daring battleground named The Braveyard, where players can test their might.

The game will offer all eight playable races, each featuring both male and female models. The leveling system is now functional, allowing players to gain XP and level up to Level 10. A loot system has also been implemented, rewarding players with dropped items from defeated enemies.

Competition enthusiasts will appreciate the new online leaderboard, allowing players to track and flaunt their PvP scores. Vendor NPCs have also been added, enabling players to buy and sell items in the game.

In a surprising twist, Beast Burst Entertainment announced the addition of a new cosmetic subrace called The Nordrim. This Viking-Type Human Subrace, notable for its intimidating size and looks, is available for purchase. The Nordrim subrace is a one-time purchase that includes both male and female models and offers the class options of the standard Human race. The studio has clarified that this addition is purely cosmetic, adding a touch of variety and flair to the game’s aesthetics.

To participate in the test, players are required to have either a Supporter or an Honored account, which can be acquired via the Scars of Honor website.

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