Siege of Neverwinter Begins Today 1

Siege of Neverwinter Begins Today

Siege of Neverwinter is back for players to earn valuable rewards in Neverwinter.

The Siege will begin Thursday, March 12 at 10am PT

The Siege will end Thursday, March 26 at 10am PT

The event lets players participate in quests and events to earn the following currencies;

Writ of Commendations – A daily currency for the event earned by completing daily quests. You may also purchase this item from the Zen Market.

Dragon Cult Insignia – A repeatable currency for the event earned by participating in the Heroic Encounters.

Medal of Heroism – An additional currency earned by participating in Heroic Encounters, turning in Defenders supplies or via the Zen Market. The updated Medal of Heroism Pack now contains 10 medals; up from seven.

The can be used to buy rewards like the epic Siegebreaker Griffon or the Battlefield medic.

Read all about the event here.

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