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New Expansion on the Horizon for Guild Wars 2

New Expansion on the Horizon for Guild Wars 2

The Guild Wars 2 team just revealed some of their plans for the future on a post on the GW2 website.

In the close future we can expect two festivals;

Our next release following “Steel and Fire” is Super Adventure Festival, when Moto will open up the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum again to welcome all jumping, bauble-collecting heroic types.

As summer heats up, we’ll bring back Dragon Bash to celebrate your victories against the Elder Dragons with hologram battle challenges, fireworks, racing, and treats.

and also the third episode of the Icebrood Saga;

The major release following Super Adventure Festival is the third episode of The Icebrood Saga, in which we’ll get some respite from the bitter cold.

They also had some even bigger news with the announcement that they are working on a new expansion for the game.

Development is underway on a third Guild Wars 2 expansion. The team is hard at work, and it’s much too soon to talk about any details right now, including features, story, release date, or development timeline. We’ll have to stick to that until we’re ready to reveal more information to the world. When we are ready, you’ll definitely know!

New Expansion on the Horizon for Guild Wars 2 1