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Skyforge Coming To Switch In February

Skyforge Coming To Switch In February

The release of Skyforge for Nintendo Switch was originally slated for 2020, but was delayed.

In a recent post on the Skyforge site, the release date was unveiled and the MMO is coming for Switch on February 4th 2021.

There also seems to be some special content in store for Switch players.

We’re also preparing lots of special content for Switch players to look forward to when the game launches in 2021! Finish the tutorial missions within the first few weeks of release to receive the epic Cyber Warrior Costume, plus five more divine cosmetics to kit out your Immortal with. New Founder’s Packs containing the Switch-exclusive Callsign NX Wings will be available from Nintendo eShop, and the first Invasion already has Aelion in its crosshairs for a post-launch assault.