Skyforge Review - Is Skyforge Worth Playing in 2024? 1
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Skyforge Review – Is Skyforge Worth Playing in 2024?






  • Good Class System
  • Unique Setting
  • Free-to-Play
  • Fun Combat System
  • Available on Many Platforms


  • Grindy
  • Low Population
  • Bad New Player Experience
  • Unbalanced Classes
  • Bad Monetization (P2W)

Skyforge is an MMORPG from Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment back in 2015. It features a unique setting and an action-oriented combat system. The game is set in a science-fiction universe where players take on the role of an immortal hero who has sworn to protect their world from invading gods.

The game features third-person combat with a mix of targeted abilities and hotbar skills.

In addition to being available on PC, Skyforge can be played on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Players often compare Skyforge to other MMOs, such as TERA and Guild Wars 2, due to its gameplay style and class system design similarities. In this Skyforge review, we’ll look at the game’s current state: what makes it unique, what’s still missing, and whether or not it’s worth playing in 2023.


Skyforge Review - Is Skyforge Worth Playing in 2024? 2
Skyforge features a decent combat system.

Players can play as immortal god-like characters. In the game, there are 18 classes. But players can only choose from one of the three classes (Lightbinder, Paladin, and Cryomancer) initially. Then you have to progress in the game or pay to unlock more classes.

The game also allows for players to customize their characters through the use of armor sets and cosmetic items. Skyforge also offers a decent range of PvE content, including raids, dungeons, and more. At the maximum level, though you will mostly just grind the same content over and over, with little new content being added by the developers.

The combat of Skyforge is a mix of tab target and action combat. It’s a decent system but doesn’t come close to a good action combat system like Neverwinter or a good hybrid system like in Guild Wars 2.

You’ll fight against enemies in real-time. You can heal your allies and use melee or long-range attacks. The game features a vast array of weaponry at your disposal-from swords to pistols to bows.

In addition to these systems, a unique element called “Divine Form” allows players to boost their stats temporarily.

Once the player finishes the campaign (story) the game becomes very grindy and which is no doubt to get players to pay up for some power.


Skyforge Review - Is Skyforge Worth Playing in 2024? 3
Skyforge has decent graphics and an unique setting.

Skyforge has some decent visuals, featuring interesting environments and some cool character models. The graphics are nothing special compared to other MMORPGs, but it still looks decent and runs smoothly on most systems.

This means that the game runs well on the Nintendo Switch as well.

The game also features various enemies and monsters, ranging from human-like soldiers to giant robots or alien creatures. The game’s art style is very colorful and vibrant, making for an enjoyable experience to explore, at least for a while.


The sound of Skyforge is a mix of high-tech, futuristic elements, and classic music.

It is atmospheric, with a hint of tension. The music is soft and calming but with an undercurrent of tension that builds as the game progresses. It’s a pleasant sound that doesn’t distract from the gameplay but enhances it.

The sound effects are also well-done. The sound of weapons firing, enemies attacking and dying, explosions, and other products all fit nicely into the overall atmosphere of Skyforge.

The voice acting in Skyforge is cheesy and uninspired. The characters sound like they’re reading from a script and lack real emotion. The dialogue isn’t particularly gripping, but it is serviceable enough to get the job done.


Skyforge Review - Is Skyforge Worth Playing in 2024? 4
Skyforge’s population is in trouble.

The population in Skyforge is in decline as players move to other games. So to enjoy Skyforge as a social game you might want to find a guild or play with a group of friends.

Other smaller MMOs manage to stay alive due to the players being friendly and dedicated to the game, but in Skyforge it seems that the player base is neither.

The population of Skyforge has an average of 36.7 players as of September 2022, according to Steam charts. This is a 10X decline since early 2021 when the game averaged 319 players. By the looks of it, Skyforge is dying, at least on PC.

Is Skyforge Free-to-Play?

Yes, Skyforge is free-to-play. You can download the game on Steam and play the full version without paying anything. However, it does have microtransactions.

Is Skyforge Pay-to-Win?

Skyforge is a pay-to-win game because it can become extremely powerful faster through spending money, even if it’s strictly not necessary.

Players can still accumulate in-game currency through regular gameplay and buy additional in-game currency with real money if they want to accelerate their progress.


Skyforge Review - Is Skyforge Worth Playing in 2024? 5
Skyforge is fun for a minute but the end-game is pretty bad.

Skyforge certainly can be enjoyable, at least for a while if you want some casual fast-paced grinding action with a friendly community.

That said, Skyforge has been stuck in a loop of content for years now and doesn’t seem to get much attention from the developers, meaning there is no real progression or endgame to speak of.

The low population is another drawback, but you can overcome it by playing with friends or doing activities that do not need other players.

Skyforge also might be worth picking up if you are looking for an MMO to play on the Nintendo Switch, as the selection of MMOs on the platform is limited.

Have you played Skyforge? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I played them for years, it was fun, but with each update it became pay to win, and in the last update I played, it became mandatory to buy the invasion pass, if you want to damage the invasion or complete the nightmare stages

  2. You guys mistake pay to win with pay for shortcut. Its not p2w at all. Learn what pay to win actually is, a little research goes a long way.

  3. I played it for a while. They started churning the play model early on and it started degrading my enjoyment when EVERYTHING changes on you midstream. One thing I thought was interesting, if a bit overdone and saccharine after a while was the attempt at poking you in the dopamine receptors by having NPC’s fawn over you as their God, to the point of kneeling just shy of prostrating themselves when you walk in. Waking up after dying in the first mission and discovering you’re a fledgling deity is an interesting approach, and the first time you see a statue that’s clearly YOUR CHARACTER in the game is, admittedly, a rush. For about 10 minutes. Then it just becomes tedious to have people kneel before you every time you walk into their field of view.

    But for the percentage of the community that starts BELIEVING their character’s press, it can get toxic very quickly. Don’t fall for the dopamine-instigated megalomania. Your CHARACTER is the deity. NOT YOU.

    After that, you find out it’s all just a hideous grindfest. Eventually, I got tired of never getting anywhere because the goalposts are standing on the backs of monster trucks. The goal at first is to get to the point where you can manifest your true divinity by reaching the top level, but even that falls flat because you can only actually manifest for a short period of time, and you have to grind for a while to recharge your god batteries or something. It’s like the devs forgot that “deity” comes with omnipotence along with the immortality. You’re not any kind of god if you can’t literally DO ANYTHING YOU WANT when you achieve your apotheosis from fledgling godlet to full-fledged awesomeness. Instead, you’re REALLY only a sort of DEMI-godlet, meaning you’re only a real god PART of the time, like a part-time barista or something.

    Still, for a while I had fun playing it. I’m in no huge hurry to get back on it, though, as you never actually get anywhere anyway.

  4. P2W? Different people have different deffinition of what p2w means but in most default meaning game is not p2w. You can easyli farm 40 euros worth of currency if you understand game every 8 weeks. Season/invasion usually last 8 weeks. Know some of strongest players that spend zero money on game.
    Combat? Well to be honest am bit insulted that text say Guild wars 2 have better combat. I literally was disgusted by how bad is GW 2 combat. Didnt try Neverwinter so cant say. But i did play Black desert, Vindictus, Sword of legend,Elyon, Elder scrols online, Bless, New world, Desteny 2, Warframe. And from all thous games nothing compares to skyforge combat for me. If game actually dies i would not have any other game to replace that combat type, nothing other even comes close.
    All other about text i agree 100%

  5. Skyforge is a horrible MMO. They just need to remove it completely, but they won’t because they get to milk people for money especially new players who aren’t aware of how the game is. Switch version is super bad. As of right now, we are invasion-less as well as Mounts, Hall of Trophies, and Companion Abilities missing from everyone.
    Support/Devs refuse to let anyone know what’s going on and they refuse to give back what is missing.

  6. The reason that the game is dying to much toxic and using cheat code and always disrespectful and is not to friendly to much bullied in the game or racist in the game that why my sister quit the game

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