Star Trek Online Invites Players to Celebrate First Contact Day 1

Star Trek Online Invites Players to Celebrate First Contact Day

Star Trek Online has announced its annual First Contact Day celebration, beginning on April 11th across PC and Console platforms, extending through May 2nd. This event commemorates the significant moment within the Star Trek narrative when humans first made contact with an alien species, the Vulcans, offering a series of themed activities and rewards for participants.

The celebration features a mix of interactive events that delve into iconic moments from Star Trek history. Players can engage in activities like the Synth Wave, where they battle rebellious Synths orbiting Mars, or embark on a temporal mission with Seven-of-Nine to correct a Borg-altered timeline to ensure the first contact between Earth and Vulcan occurs as intended.

Those looking for a less combative experience can partake in the Phoenix Rocket Launch competition, where players gather components to build and launch a model of the Phoenix rocket, competing against others for the best design.

Participation in daily event activities rewards players with a First Contact Day Badge Box, containing one of 17 Comm Badges, available as account-wide unlocks for Federation characters. Additionally, players can earn Daily Progress toward a grand prize that includes a Photon Burst Rifle and a First Contact Day Bundle, offering various in-game items and unlocks.

The event also introduces a mechanism for additional rewards through continued participation, with bonus Dilithium Ore offered for each extra completion beyond the required progress for the grand prize.

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