Star Trek Online is Hosting Its First Halloween Event 1

Star Trek Online is Hosting Its First Halloween Event

This year Star Trek Online is finally hosting a Halloween event. It will be the first STO Halloween even in the history of the game.

Beginning on October 13th and for three weeks you can join in on the fun in the Fall of the Old Ones event.

Captains will find themselves transported to an ancient castle on Pyris VII. The classic aliens from the Original Series episode “Catspaw”, the Old Ones, have returned once again to study humanity – but their plans have been disrupted by the Devidians! Can you navigate the darkness and terror of two of Star Trek’s spookiest villains, and escape with your lives, or even your souls?

Players who participate in the event will earn progress towards “The Grand Prize: The Transmuter Wand Universal Kit Module, and the Old One Vanity Pet.”

For more info about the event see the official post.

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