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Tera Events In January

Tera Events In January

January is going to be a busy month for Tera players, as there are quite a few events planned throughout the month.

The Better Enchantment Event is already going on, and a Quest Boost event is sceduled for next week. Below is the full list of event.

  • Better Enchantment Chances (Until Jan 4th)
  • Quest Boost (7th – 12th)
  • Better Upgrade Chances (8th – 11th)
  • Low-cost Dungeon Entries (14th – 19th)
  • Triple Chance of Card Fragments (16th – 18th)
  • Double Dungeon Loot (19th – 26th)
  • The League of Levelers (28th – Feb 18th)

To learn more about the events, head over to the offical post.