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TERA Console Version Receives New Update

TERA Console Version Receives New Update

Despite the closure of TERA’s PC servers in 2022, the console version of the game continues to be actively supported, as evidenced by the latest 115.01 Build Update, which was rolled out on April 10, across Asia, Europe, Japan, and North America.

Introduction of New Dungeons

The update introduces ‘Draakon Arena’ and ‘Draakon Arena (Hard)’, accessible to players who have reached equipment levels of 470 and 480, respectively. Entry to these dungeons is limited to one attempt per dungeon, with access available through the Teleportal in Essenia’s Timeless Woods. These additions provide players with new challenges and opportunities to test their skills and strategies in high-level encounters.

New Accessories and Synthesis System

The update also features new accessories, the ‘Arun Stone’ and ‘Shara Stone’, which offer additional combat stats like damage boost and critical hit rate/boost. These accessories can be enhanced up to level 10 through a gem synthesis process, allowing for further customization and power-ups in player gear.

Anniversary Events and Rewards

Coinciding with the update is the TERA Console 6th Anniversary event, running from April 18 to May 29, 2024. Players can collect ‘6th Anniversary Coins’ based on their login time, which are redeemable for various items at the event NPC in Highwatch. This event is designed to engage the community and offer rewards that enhance the gaming experience.

Game Balancing and Quality of Life Improvements

The update brings several balance adjustments, particularly to the Archer class, enhancing the damage of multiple skills by 30%. Additionally, it includes various quality-of-life improvements such as adjustments to pet training times and UI enhancements, as well as bug fixes that address issues like motion transitions and image clarity in the Crystal Fusion UI.