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“The Invasion Has Arrived!” Major Update Hits Fractured Online with Demons, Crafting Overhauls, and More

“The Invasion Has Arrived!” Major Update Hits Fractured Online with Demons, Crafting Overhauls, and More

The latest update for Fractured Online, was released yesterday, bringing significant additions and enhancements to the game. This update is a step closer to the full release and includes the introduction of demons, a rework of racial traits, and improvements to the crafting system.

The update introduces two new demon sub-races: the Blood Demons and Hellfires. Each brings unique characteristics to the gameplay. Blood Demons have abilities centered around health recovery from damage dealt, while Hellfires are noted for their high health and resistance, particularly effective in extended combat scenarios.

A key component of the update is the overhaul of the crafting system. It now includes options for item repair and recycling, aimed at simplifying the management of item durability and resource utilization. New crafting stations such as the Deconstructor and Transmuter have been added, providing players with more options to manage and alter their equipment.

The update revises the starting attributes and bonuses for each race, modifying aspects like health, mana, and carry capacity. These adjustments ensure a more balanced gameplay experience, providing diversity in player strategies and character development.

Additional enhancements include an expansion of inventory space available for purchase with gold and the removal of time restrictions on respecs, which now also require gold. The update also introduces the first phase of the cosmetic system, including mount skins and armor color customization options.

New content extends to the inclusion of more Wandering Legends and Legendary Reagents, broadening the scope for player quests and item enhancement. These additions are designed to enrich the player’s interaction with the game’s world and its lore.

The update includes numerous adjustments across various aspects of the game, such as proficiency orbs, damage calculations, and class rebalancing. These changes are intended to create a more equitable and enjoyable gaming experience.