Monsters and Memories Update 41: New Team Members and Playtest 1

Monsters and Memories Update 41: New Team Members and Playtest

The Monsters and Memories development team has announced their return to a regular production schedule following the excitement surrounding their Early Access Announcement. This update brings news of several new additions to their team, which includes professionals from various sectors of the gaming industry.

Tom, who goes by Blink online, is a video editor and motion graphics expert who volunteered to assist with the game’s video content. Jason, known in the gaming community as FyreFlyte, joins the design team with a rich background from his years at EverQuest 2, focusing on system design. Mike, under the handle Thornel, is a freelance 3D artist from Poland who has been brought on to enhance the game’s environmental art. Additionally, Nate, a student of team member Padas, will join as an intern focused on prop creation.

The development update also previews upcoming features and content. The team released a montage video, put together by Blink, that showcases recent advancements including new concepts for armor, mounts, and weapons. The character art team has completed models and textures for new creatures like the Sand Giant and Wolf, and continues to iterate on existing designs.

Significant progress has also been made in animation and environment art. Work on the Fallen Pass and Glass Flats continues, with additions such as new lightning effects and more intense rain to improve environmental realism.

Gameplay updates include increased storage capacities for various in-game items and adjustments to character abilities to fine-tune the gameplay experience. New zones are being mapped, and the population of monsters and NPCs is being adjusted to create a more immersive world.

Lastly, the team announced plans for a free public playtest at the end of June, with additional stress tests likely to occur in the interim. Detailed information about these events will be shared on the game’s Discord channel.

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