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Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4: Under the Grand Sea Launches Soon

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4: Under the Grand Sea Launches Soon

The much-awaited version 2.4, Under the Grand Sea, is all set to launch soon with a thrilling underwater map and a new main story that introduces a mysterious character, Lan.

The new map, The Grand Sea, is a fascinating underwater world consisting of three parts: The Grand Sea Island, Innars, and Dragon Breath Volcano. Each area has unique terrains, vegetation, and creatures, making it an exciting exploration experience. The ocean ecology and interaction design in the game are top-notch, with a dynamic and diverse mechanism that makes the journey exciting.

Wanderers can explore the ocean using underwater vehicles like Diamond Wings, Vision Sphere, and Sunfish, which can help them reach their destinations faster while diving. Additionally, there are all-new events and gameplay, full-set gold equipment, SSR Relics, and a huge number of dark crystals awaiting players to unlock!

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4: Under the Grand Sea Launches Soon 1

The new version also brings new bosses, Abyssant: Scylla, and Abyssant: Haboela, with a unique mechanism that increases the enjoyment and difficulty of the game. Moreover, there are new Simulacra launching shortly, and a new chapter of the main story will be available, creating new suspense for players.

Apart from this, the game developers have listened to the players’ suggestions and optimized the underwater request missions and the sequential phantasm, making the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. They have also added new outfits/outfit shards dropped from the world bosses, refreshed the UI design, and optimized the PC controller experience.

Players can participate in the limited-time events, including the Sea Survey Gift, Deepsea Treasure Hunt, Challenger’s To-do List, Sailing the Lost Sea, and Springtime Saunter, to unlock exciting rewards and explore the ocean map.