Upcoming Release of "The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road" Introduces New Patron Saint Alessia 1

Upcoming Release of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road” Introduces New Patron Saint Alessia

With the release of Update 42 and the Gold Road chapter, a new patron, Saint Alessia, will be added to the game’s card-based component, Tales of Tribute. Senior Systems Designer John Carlson provided insights into the mechanics and strategic possibilities of the Alessia deck.

The update is scheduled to be available on PC/Mac on June 3 and will follow on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on June 18. The new chapter will transport players to the West Weald area of southern Cyrodiil, introducing them to the strategic depths of Tales of Tribute with a focus on choice-driven gameplay.

Mechanics and Strategy of the Alessia Deck

According to John Carlson, the Alessia deck features agents equipped with “Choice” abilities, offering players the ability to select from different options each turn. This introduces a layer of strategy that emphasizes incremental advantages. A notable addition to the deck is the “Knock Out All” ability, which can remove all agents from play, including those controlled by the player.

Design Objectives and Testing Outcomes

The development team aimed to create a set of cards that allows for a buildup of power through numbers, rather than individual card strength. This approach is designed to provide a balance and maintain competitive fairness within the game. During playtesting, it was found that while Alessia’s agents are susceptible individually, their collective strength can provide a robust challenge to opponents.

How to Acquire the New Deck

Players interested in acquiring the new Saint Alessia deck will need to explore the West Weald zone and collect five fragments to unlock the complete set. This process encourages thorough exploration and engagement with the game’s environment.

As the release date approaches, the ESO community is poised to explore the new strategic options offered by Saint Alessia. Players are invited to prepare for the update’s arrival by pre-purchasing Gold Road, which includes immediate access to special rewards, such as the Welkyndstone Ruins Wolf mount.

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