Wild Terra 2 Releases Major Update: Abandoned Battlefield Brings New Adventures 1

Wild Terra 2 Releases Major Update: Abandoned Battlefield Brings New Adventures

Wild Terra 2 has grown once again with the launch of its latest update, version 2.2.362, known as “Abandoned Battlefield.” This update introduces a new island discovered by an old fisherman named Elmar. The island, haunted by the ghosts of a fierce battle, has become a dark and mysterious place due to the rise of sinister cultists and undead warriors.

Elmar, driven by his mission to document the island’s grim past through the Battle Chronicles, is seeking help from players. In return, he offers knowledge about the cultists and the dark arts they use to control the undead.

The new update enriches the game with numerous enhancements. Players can now explore the eerie “Abandoned Battlefield,” accessible by hiring a ship captain or building their own ship. The island features new companions, including craftable skeleton pets, made from the remains of soldiers using a witch’s cauldron. Jewelry with new special properties and a lightweight shield that can reflect attacks have also been added to enhance player gear.

Additionally, the update introduces a formidable boss that can be summoned in the tavern cellar, expands the farming options with crops like corn, and enriches fishing with new bait and fish types, including a Black giant crab. Cookery enthusiasts will find new recipes to try, and several equipment items have received upgrades for improved functionality.

The game’s environment and mechanics have seen various refinements as well. These include adjustments to the damage protection against monsters, fixes to projectile mechanics and pet interactions, and revisions to culinary recipes. Furthermore, players can now purchase items from NPCs in specified quantities and disable grass in the game settings for better visual clarity.

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